Lifein Balance


Are you feeling overwhelmed, sad or disconnected? Everyone struggles at times with their emotions, their relationships, their past and with coping with what comes their way. Traumatic experiences can leave a strong imprint. Perhaps you’ve run through all your usual coping strategies or tried to be “strong”, but now feel that hasn’t been enough, or worse, that you’ve somehow failed. Counselling offers an alternative perspective: you've begun an important process through your own efforts, and can now take it to the next stage. Counselling builds on your existing strengths and your desire for a different outlook and experience. Here you have an opportunity to discuss the challenges you're facing, the emotions that go with them and your goals for change, all while exploring new strategies for coping.

What you'll find offered at Servin Counselling starts with a relationship built on compassion, confidentiality and support. My practice provides counselling and therapy services designed for both individuals and couples. You can learn more about my services in the following pages of this site. Thank you for visiting.